Things to do and Ways To Save in San Diego

San Diego's Sunsets are world famous

There are several things to do in San Diego. It is upon you to carry out enough research so that you will plan your trip to San Diego well. You can decide to visit the old cities in the place or even spend your time with family members at the concert scenes. It is a tourist destination where you will never get bored. You need to discuss with your travel partners so that you can decide on the best places to visit in San Diego. There are several attractive places where you can spend your time. It will be hard for you to visit all the locations. But, you will make your experience in the place enjoyable if you will research on different tourist attraction sites and decide on one which will assure you the best experience ever.

How to Save Money on Your San Diego Activities:

Costs can add up when you factor in admissions fees, travel (whether it’s by bus or taxi or train). If you’re from the U.K., there’s Discount Go (there’s a link to their site in our sidebar). There’s also couponing tips for families here.

Things to do in San Diego

1. Visit San Diego beaches

There are several beaches available in San Diego. You can go for public beaches where you will interact freely with locals or even private ones where you will have your private experience. You won’t be disappointed after you visit the beaches. You can spend your time relaxing on the sand or just basking from the sun. Some of the things which people enjoy doing in the area include building sand castles and swimming. It is a place which has been rated highly by many travelers.

2. Visit La Jolla Cove

If you like seeing natural spectacular displays, then you need to visit La Jolla cove for you to watch the sun as it descends. It is a place which will leave you relaxed as you plan for your evening in San Diego. You will have a chance to meet with other travelers whom you can exchange your life experiences. You will learn a lot after you visit the tourist destination.

3. Visit Downtown San Diego’s Seaport Village

If you have enough time, you can spend hours on end while enjoying yourself at the seaport village. You will have the opportunity to interact with other people who will be strolling down the beautiful walk ways. Window shopping is among the adventures you can immerse yourself while at the seaport. The San Diego bay can allow you enjoy different bay view eateries.

4. Stroll through the historic Gaslamp Quarter

For those who love Victorian architecture, you can walk downtown San Diego to enjoy beautiful view of the old renovated buildings. You will have a chance to interact with fine art galleries which will teach the part of San Diego. Specialty shops and boutiques make the historic town a place to pass by when in San Diego.

5. Visit Old Town

If you love history, then you will learn a lot of San Diego history after you decide to visit the old town site. The old buildings where you can learn a lot include the ancient blacksmith shop, Stewart house, Seeley Stables, Estudillo house and the oldest school house in the area. You will leave the place with a lot of information which you will share with your loved ones back home. Children will learn a lot from your San Diego trip. They will have new things to share with friends after your trip.

6. Balboa Park

The Balboa Park is a huge twelve hundred acre park is the cultural hub of the city. It is located at the center of the downtown San Diego. It is a wonderful place for a short walk, a picnic or even a bike ride. The park is the home to the very popular San Diego zoo, numerous beautiful gardens with admirable architecture and seventeen museums in all.

7. Mission Beach

The view of the Pacific Ocean from the Mission Beach in northwestern San Diego is one of the famous beaches of the city. The two mile stretch of the sparkling white sand makes it extremely popular and worth visiting.

8. Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach has calmer waves and has less population as compared to the Mission Beach but it is great for a peaceful atmosphere and idyllic location with an admirable picturesque. In the winter migrating whales can be spotted which is the prime source of attraction.

9. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a huge hundred acre area is considered to be the best zoo of the country and very well known for its huge natural habitats.

The Torrey Pines State Reserve

The Torrey Pines State Reserve is an enormous seventeen hundred acre natural reserve that helps in the protection of innumerable species of plants especially the Torrey Pine one of the rarest pine trees of America. Huge space for hiking and a great opportunity to watch various birds is the prime attraction.

10. Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument depicts the gigantic 442 feet statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who was the first European explorer to navigate the coast of California. One can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the Pacific Ocean and the view of all the Naval Base’s activities from here. Even whales can be spotted in the winter season from here as well.

11. The USS Midway Museum

The USS Midway Museum was previously an aircraft carrier but presently it is turned into a museum that portrays the life on a US Navy aircraft carrier. One can explore the minute details after visiting the museum.

12. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

A view of the sunset cliffs in san diego

The mesmerizing views from the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park are just spell-bounding. It is huge area stretching around sixty-eight acres that runs one and a half miles along the western shoreline of Point Loma peninsula. The awesome sandstone cliffs and the untouched natural vegetation are just too spectacular for viewing.

13. Sea World

The Sea World San Diego is the best place to spot a wide range of animals like killer whales, turtles, the California sea otters and parrots are to name a few. But one definitely cannot miss the Mantra roller coaster ride at any cost.